About NLPeter

Peter R. Valderhaug is a hypnosis and NLP coach. He helps clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals through the use of hypnosis and NLP techniques. These powerful tools allow him to help clients overcome anxiety, phobias, and habits that are holding them back in life.

He also uses NLP to help clients improve their communication and relationships, as well as increase their confidence and motivation. With his unique blend of hypnosis and NLP, he can help clients achieve lasting change and success in their personal and professional lives.

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What is NLPeter?

NLPeter is a play of words, combining my name, Peter, with my specialty, Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

NLPeter is a professional problem solver and someone who helps you approach situation from a new perspective. He will teach you new ways to perceive life and he will hold you accountable to yourself.
He has been called many names such as, coach, counsellor, mentor, and teacher, but he perceives himself as just someone helps you think differently and someone who helps you to ignite your inner light and potential.

Formal background

NLPeter has combined university degrees in organizational psychology and leadership with a more practical approach to behavior from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a certified NLP Trainer and NLP Coach he works with behavioral structures, rather than the behavior itself.

MSc Leadership and Organizational psychology

Licensed NLP Practitioner

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner

Licensed NLP Coach

Licensed NLP Trainer